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We taught English in Kwangju, South Korea from March 2000 to August 2001. The pages here document the experience and our travels. It's a continuation of Tales from Taejon, the site we began when we first came to Korea and lived in the city of Taejon from October 1998 to December 1999.

This site is pretty much closed for business. See lifford.org.

Dallas to San Fran to Seoul, plus Rob's shaving saga
Hwasoon / Kwangju    
our apartment, our sleepy little hometown, and the city we stomp around
Chosun University, our place of employment
culture shock
surprises, quirks, oddities, etc.
dozens of pictures from 1999 that were almost lost forever
the old Tales from Taejon index, with links to older travels & info
last days
a few final photos from our last few weeks in the country, July-August 2001

travels & events
statues, pagodas, and our old buddy Sang-mi
Suncheon & Songgwangsa   
Korea's famous cherry blossoms; another temple
well, not quite Chirisan, but a nice "camping" trip anyway
another day (or two) at the beach
Buddha's birthday at a temple with our buddies Lee Seung-ji and Choi Hyeon-ah
Unjusa II
a second visit to this amazing temple with Scott & Noelle
China, trip 2    
Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou: summer 2000
Worlds Collide    
Gadi, Leah, & Chris in Korea? Yup... July/August 2000
notes from a small island
Nagan Folk Village    
rustic day trip with pals Brian & Verena
winter vacation, February 2001
Wa-Ryong Recreational Forest
who are Akie and Joey and why are they sniffing us?
Unjusa  III
yes, again! this time for Buddha's Birthday 2001
skillful photos courtesy of Mr. McGrath
meeting up with B&V for the Chunhyang Festival
Kangneung & Cheju Island
our last big trip in Korea
day trip with some great students
Sanglok Beach
fun in the sun with Mike, Harry, & Akie

here and there in the USA, Dec 1999 - Feb 2000, between Korean teaching contracts
the Jonas wedding    
Rob's trip to see Dave & Michele tie the knot
technical notes on the pics found here

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