Chrisan camping trip

     Chirisan is one of Korea's biggest and most celebrated mountain parks. Truth be told, we didn't actually go there on this trip. We stayed in a remote little valley on the south edge of the park with a bunch of campers, both foreign and Korean, from Kwangju. Having no camping gear ourselves, we rented a little room just across the creek from the campsite. The room came in handy, as high winds and unseasonably cold weather drove all of us inside for the evening's festivities. The next day gave us better weather, so Rob was out shooting pictures of the scenery and the company.

Cheris and Sam, our colleague Merv's girlfriend, with a very, very old woman we met at a convenience store near the campsite.
The view from our room. Very nice to wake up to.
The bridge over the creek. The few real hardy souls among us camped right past the far end of the bridge.
A look upstream from right under that bridge...
...and a look downstream from roughly the same spot.
Lire, the canine companion of Mike & Eileen.
Sit! Good girl.
One more of the puppy with Eileen, unfortunately partially hidden by her jacket.
Esteemed Chosun colleage Kent (who invited us on the trip in the first place--thanks Kent!) with his Tico, the Rolls Royce of Korean automobiles.
Chillin' on the bridge with CJB.
Eileen (right) and her visiting cousin, whose name now escapes us.
Hye-jung and Rob were kind enough to drive us back to Kwangju with them (thanks again!), as we had to get back a little early to prepare classes for the coming week.

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