Kangneung & Cheju Island trip

Between the end of Chosun University's Spring 2001 semester and the start of the summer session, we had about a week off. With plans to head home right after the summer session, we knew this would be our last chance to travel in Korea. We really wanted to go to a shamanistic cultural festival in Kangneung, in the extreme northeast of the country, but we also just had to see Cheju-do, the large island province off the south coast. So, long story short, we spent a bundle on airplane tickets so we could do both in the time we had available. Here are the pictures from the trip, starting in Kangneung:

kang01 kang02 kang03 kang04 kang05 kang06
kang08 kang09 kang10 kang11 cj01 cj02
cj03 cj04 cj05 cj06 cj07 cj08
cj09 cj10 cj11 cj12 cj13 cj14
cj15 cj16 cj17 cj18 cj19 cj20
cj21 cj22 cj23 cj24 cj25 cj26
cj27 cj28 cj29 cj30 cj31 non-smorking

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