Officially, we work for the Language Education Institute (LEI) of Chosun University. Classes in the LEI are non-credited, so they're geared toward students who have a strong interest in or need for English-speaking skills.

     The LEI courses are daily 50-minute classes, offered in seven-week sessions both during the semesters and during the breaks. The classes are divided into six levels ranging from bare-bones basic English right up to advanced "free talking" classes. Each class usually consists of 8-15 students. Some kids' classes are also held at the LEI; usually the students are children of Chosun faculty or staff.

     The LEI provides just a small part of our teaching load, however. In fact, most of the 20 foreign teachers on the LEI staff teach just one or two LEI classes per day, and the rest of our work is in credited English conversation classes. These are required for all freshman, and they meet for three 50-minute sessions per week. Class size is generally 25-30 students.

Chosun University has, we're told, about 18,000 students. There is an English section on the offical University site if you're interested in learning more about it. Below you'll find a few photos taken around campus.

A nice sunset sight from the sculpture garden surrounding the fine arts building.
Korean university students, especially freshman, are well-known for their enthusiasm for demonstrations. Here's a group outside the main administration offices, chanting in protest of this year's tutiton increase.
Another shot of the protesters.
Rob's harem of dance majors.

     On the last day of class in the first semester, Cheris and Rob threw a party for their groups of dance majors. Here are a few shots taken among the group.

Rob's first group of environmental engineers, plus a few well-wishers from the class.
Rob's second group of environmental engineers--on the left, seriously posed; and on the right, a more accurate depiction of their collective personality.

     In the 2000 summer session, Rob and Cheris (among some other teachers at Chosun) taught intensive courses for middle- and high-school students. Here are three of Rob's groups--the middle one also studied with Cheris.

General campus shots: here's the hospital (right) and physical education building (left), photographed from one of the high floors of the engineering building.
To the left, by the small field, is the affiliated boys' middle school; the round thing is the art building, the law building is high on the hill; the Bon-Kwan (main building) is cut off on the right with all the peaks.
Bon-Kwan, mountains in the background, the main athletic fields, and a big phallic monument in the lower left.
Rob's student Sang-hyeon (left) and his friend, encountered on Rob's way to the phys-ed building.
Reverse view, from our office, of the phys-ed building and science buildings on the south end of campus.
And the rest of campus, also photographed from our office window, on the sixth floor of the Bon-Kwan.

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