We always like visiting beaches in the springtime, when it's too early for swimming but perfect for having a beautiful, uncrowded place to hang out. Three other couples were with us on this excellent weekend getaway to Pyeonsan, a small but popular beach on Korea's west coast: Scott & Noelle, Andrew & Dawn, and Brian & Verena. After several grueling, buttock-battering bus rides to our destination, we scored a couple of cheap rooms at a little hotel right on the sand and got down to the serious business of relaxing.

Um... We don't think we have to tell you what this is.
That little hotel mentioned above. The second floor was all ours for the weekend.
Brian and Andrew settling into the place. A very rare and breathtaking photo, yes indeed.
Scott waiting for the morning coffee to kick in, while a backlit Andrew strikes a rare pose, smiling for the camera without sticking out his tongue.
Dawn, Brian, and Verena revert to childhood in one very large sandbox.
We're really not sure what Verena's doing in this picture, but she sure looks embarrased to be be caught doing it.
Some guys in suits came by the beach and decided that they weren't overdressed enough to drag us into a very weird Korean "spike-the-volleyball-at-your-buddies'-heads" game. Fun.
After all heads were thoroughly spiked, we moved on to beach soccer. Here's Brian putting the Pee-Wee Herman move on a defender. The Lad from Limerick scored a hat trick, taking MVP honors despite his silly insistence that the sport was really named football.
Scott also had a strong game, contributing greatly to the eventual win...
...but no thanks, of course, to Rob, who spent most of the game just mugging for the camera.
After our international all-star team finished drubbing the businessmen, we managed to get a shot of all the players and spectators together.
Dawn, it appears, managed to stay chipper until the very end, but here are Andrew and Cheris looking pretty bummed out that we have to leave Pyeonsan in a few minutes, heading back for another week at the office...

the Kwangju Chronicles