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    Rob sez, 20 May 2001:  So, thanks to the generosity of the amazing Jim Giannotti with his frequent flyer miles, I was able to zip back to the US of A for the wedding of my great old buddies Dave and Michele. The battle with jetlag was completely worth it just for the story about the goose and the wedding dress--but you'll have to ask Michele about that one, if you don't know already...

    Notice from the Department of Redundancy Department:  Rob's pictures of the wedding itself (including the pre-ceremony photo shoot and reception) are already online at the MSN Communities page that Chris Kardos set up, so there's no need to re-post them here. For now, these pages are dedicated to the stuff that happened before and after the jolly event.

01thawley 02kimpo-filming 03rob&dad 04rob&rents 05tux-mandolin 36gadigetssomeinthecar
37gadigetssomeinthecar-withtongue 38gadimustreturnthetux 39chuckgetsfresh 40chris&robintruck 41chrisrobbeeblebrox 42greatbigevilchuck
43smirkingclaire&hangdogwyll 44kristen-rearviewmirror 45jimsenergyrunsout 46chuckponderseyelids 47robcollapsesonkitchenfloor 48familyportrait

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