Kongju   May 2001

     Rob went to Kongju (20 minutes northwest of our old hometown, Taejon) in May 2001 for notre ami Noelle's birthday. Cheris had to stay home and fight off a stomach bug, and Rob forgot his camera, but Brian McGrath sent Rob these excellent pics by email. What a splendid chap.

     No pics of the actual party here yet (Brain, got any?), but there are some good shots from the next day. The first two were taken at an old Fortress in Kongju, where they were re-enacting the centuries-old changing of the guard routine. The also had some cool traditional costumes for folks to try on. Rob was thrilled to finally get a chance to pound on one of those huge Korean drums up in the fortress's watchtower. As for the third picture, well, we took the scenic route driving Brian & Verena back to Taejon that afternoon.

Check out more of Brian's and Verena's excellent pictures at their photo site.

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