...and other madness.
-by Cheris Barker and Rob Lifford-

We taught English in Taejon, South Korea from October 1998 to December 1999. The pages archived here contain hundreds of photos, stories, and other stuff that we put online during our first 14 months in Korea.

After a brief vacation in the USA, we returned to Korea in late February 2000, teaching in the southern city of Kwangju from March of that year to August 2001. Those adventures can be followed via our second-generation Korea site, the Kwangju Chronicles. Drop by anytime, or visit the main site index at www.lifford.org to see what's new or contact us with your questions or comments.

b a s i c s
journey - from the USA to Korea in (just) 35 hours
dong? - where we live
Kwak's - where we work
students - a photo gallery of our little rascals

t r a v e l s
Expo - the 1993 World's Fair site in Taejon
Kyaeryongsan - mountains and temples
Seoul - day trip to the Korean capital city
China - Beijing and thereabouts, February 1999
Taedunsan - more mountains
Yeosu - weekend jaunt to the South coast
T'aean - a weekend on the Yellow Sea
Seoch'eon - Korean culture and fashion, old and new
Puyeo - the Paekche Kingdom's last captial
Kyeongju - Korea's most historical city
Songnisan - home of a seriously big Buddha
Pusan - Korea's 2nd largest city and main seaport
Seonunsa - another historic temple & Dongho Beach
Chikjisa - yet another nice temple plus cute kids
Japan - backpacking on Kyushu, July/August 1999

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First posted 29 November 1998, last tweaked September 2000.
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