Curious about our kids? This page will let you take a closer look at some of our students. You may or may not be surprised to see that most of them use English nicknames at our school, since it's really tough for foreigners to remember so many Korean names. Click on any image to view a larger version, then hit the "back" button on your browser to return to this page.

Here are a few students from the "housewives" class that we enjoyed so much. L to R: Rob, Mrs. Kim ("Leah" in class), Amy, Mac (so nicknamed for her love of TV's MacGyver), Jennifer, and Terri.
This is the always-adorable Max (one of Cheris's phonics students) in an artistic moment before class.
From Rob's late-elementary to early-middle school class, here we have Mikey (rubbing his head), Sky (dead center, that's Max's big brother), Gary (at the keyboard), and James (foreground).
On the left is Yong-sae. On the right is Ju-won, the student formerly known as Terry. Yes, they're playing Pong.
Cheris with her mostly-sixth-grade class. From left to right, here are Lori, CJB, Jen, Chris, Shawn, and Jeff.
Clockwise from top left: John, Cindy, Annie, Ryan.
The same crew as above, with Cheris and Jun-ho thrown in.
First-year high schoolers Jae-min (left) and Keun-chul (right).
Clockwise from top left: Matt, Billy, Steven, Tony, Sandy, Wendy. The boys flash the girls the thumbs-down in this photo to hide their burning desires for these two cuties. Really.
Middle schooler So-young, one of Cheris' favorites, with CJB herself.
L to R: Paul, Cheris, and Terry (aka Ju-won). Paul is entering high school as of 3/99, Terry is headed for his 3rd year of middle school.
One day, Paul came over to our place for a guitar lesson in lieu of class.
Clockwise from left: Minnie, Sally, Lisa, Julie, Lily.
From the above ladies' class, heeeeeeeere's George!
L to R: Steven (waving furiously), Mikey, Sally, Lisa, Cheris, and the notorious Judy the cutie.
Here's Ian, one of our favorites.
Rob and Ian. If Rob looks funny, it's because he's trying to hold the camera steady with his right hand, NOT because he's just naturally weird-looking. Really.
From Ian's class, here's Sun-ju.
From Ian and Sun-ju's class, here's J.
Here's a bunch of kids on Christmas eve with Annabelle and the college kid we paid off to dress up as Santa and hand out those weird sunglasses with whistles attached.

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