Though we've seen so much natural beauty and so many historical wonders in Korea, nothing has amazed us quite as much as some of the hospitality we've received from the people here. A lot of that hospitality has come from the wonderful family of Son Young-tae (Rob's colleague at the Korean National Statistical Office), his wife Kim Ja-yeong, and their daughters, Yeo-gyeong and Hyeon-gyeong.

On a fine summer Sunday, they invited Rob and Cheris to Chikjisa, another great Buddhist temple about an hour-and-a-half southeast of Taejon. Here are the photos from another great day. Once again, the small versions of these pics may look a little too fuzzy on this page, but if you click on them, you'll find that the large images are nice and clear, then you can use the "back" button on your browser to return to this page.

First, we sat down to a delicious picnic lunch of kimbap (rice and veggies rolled in seaweed), kimchi (see the culture shock page), and dwenjangguk (bean curd broth).
Then in we went to explore the temple. Here are the girls with the pagoda by the entry gates.
It was a scorcher of a day, and the little ladies stopped by this well for some spring water...
...and Cheris (courageously nursing a broken toe that day, by the way!) saw fit to join them.
Here's one of the main prayer temples at Chikjisa, newly painted in unusually bright colors.
This is the interior of the temple shown above. Look closely--those are hundreds of small, nearly-identical Buddha statues up on the "altar," an amazing sight.
To the side of that building was this giant-leafed plant...
...and this beautiful pink-flowered tree. The grounds all over Chikjisa were really nicely kept.
From a distance, here are Cheris and Yeo-gyeong in between a big stone lantern and a bigger stone pagoda.
Not to be outdone, little Hyeon-gyeong posed by herself with the same pagoda from the other side.
Three lovely ladies straddle a stream. Priceless.
Our whole gang, perched on the bridge near the exit. Five seconds after this shot was taken, a drizzle began that quickly turned into a huge cloudburst... we hightailed it back to the car and started back to Taejon, a little damp but very, very pleased. Yeo-gyeong got a little sleep on the way home.

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